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Bed Bugs



Bed bugs can be a very big nuisance if you are unlucky enough to get an infestation of them.  Bites can be very irritating and leave a swelling. 

Biology:  Bed bugs are about 1/5 of an inch long, with small reduced wing pads.  They cannot fly but travel from house to house on their host.  When engorged they become bright red.  Evidence of bed bugs is the numerous fecal discharges of blood on the linen.  Some people will have a reaction to their bites, while others show little or no effect.

CONTROL:  Use Evergreen Pyrethrum Dust in a Crusader Duster to dust the cracks and crevices of the bed frame and the mattress springs.  Wash the linens and covers.  Spray the mattress walls with  Bed Bug Aerosol which contains a synthetic pyrethrum. Repeat again in 5 days. For chronic or severe infestations use Suspend to spray any parts of the house (except bedding) that needs to be treated.

Gentrol Aerosol or Gentrol IGR Concentrate is also highly recommended for control of bedbugs because it disrupts the normal development. Bedbugs exposed to Gentrol will become adults incapable of reproducing. Apply to harborage areas mentioned above except linens and mattresses.

Bats and birds have  parasites that are very similar to bed bugs.  If you have bats or birds nesting in the attic these should definitely be removed and the attic dusted with pyrethrum dust to stop the migration of the bird or bat bugs and other parasites into your living area.

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