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Bird Control

Learn How to Get Rid of Nuisance Birds

Learn how to get rid of sparrows.

Birds are neat creatures, aren't they? But when birds are roosting on ledges above your head then the inevitable happens. Here are a few tips and products to keep birds from becoming pests.

Remove their food source. Bird feeders not only feed Cardinals but also feed pigeons, sparrows and rats.

Don' let sparrows and other nuisance birds roost on your building. When their young leave the nest, the bird mites and lice will migrate from the nest and bite you.

If you are being bitten by invisible biters, (bird mites & bird lice) follow this link.


4 The Birds--This product repels the birds from a ledge or roof peak for months. Two types:


  1. 4- THE BIRDS Cartridge--This transparent gel is applied using a caulking gun to ledges or roof peaks. It gives the birds a hotfoot and makes them seek other roosts. It does not harm the birds, but merely repells them. The 10.5 oz cartridge covers about 10 feet of ledge. Lasts for months.
  2. 4-THE BIRDS Liquid--This liquid repellent goes further than the gel but is messier to use. Leafless trees in the winter time sometimes need this product to discourage a roosting colony of blackbirds. One gal. covers up to 1000 sq. ft
  • Ropel--This ready to use liquid will give whatever it's sprayed on an extremely bitter taste. Ropel will keep woodpeckers from pecking on the side of your house on on your roof..

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