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Do It Yourself Pest Control


pest is an animal, plant, fungus, microbe, etc. that is somewhere that you don't want it to be. The dog is man's best friend, but a stray dog getting into your garbage can at night is a pest. A dandelion is a pretty flower, but to most people it's a weed (just another name for pest).

The tables below are an attempt to categorize each pest so that you can then find the right product to control it. You will find several pests listed in more than one location. If a pest is underlined, then this will link you to additional information, either how to-do sheets or a product description. A product that works on a sugar ant in New Jersey will most likely work on a similar ant in South Africa. 

Once you have found the target pest, click on that pest link to see what products are available to control it. 

Check out our new flea control section!

To find your favorite pest just click on one of the pest categories in the dropdown menu.