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How to get rid of Squirrels

Squirrels and other rodents have become major pests throughout the suburbs in the United States. Although the antics of gray squirrels keep us amused while sipping coffee on the deck, these same antics in the attic at night or early morning are intolerable.

Rodents in the attic are responsible for thousands of electrical fires each year. For this reason alone rodents of any sort in the attic or walls should be eliminated.

Squirrels, flying squirrels and roof rats are 3 rodents that typically infest our homes. The rest of this article will talk about ways to keep them in the yard where they belong.

  • Bird feeders--Feeding birds is the thing to do in the suburbs. But when the birds come, so do the rodents. If the bird feeder is on a pole, try using 4-the-birds gel  on the pole. The squirrels don't like this sticky irritant. It will not hurt any type of animal, only repels them. Any solution that you arrive at that allows the birds to feed but denies access to the rodents is what you want at the bird feeder.

    Deny the rodents access into the attic by trimming all touching or overhanging limbs around the house, installing a screen on the bottom of drains, and applying 4-the-birds gel on wires leading inside.

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Once the rodents have gotten inside how do you get them out?
  • DON'T USE A POISON BAIT!! Many times the target rodent won't take the bait anyway, but if it does you will have a terrible odor within a few days after death. There is no bait on the market (and never has been) that EMBALMS the rodent so it doesn't smell. If an animal dies, it stinks!!

  • The best solution is to trap the pest with a live animal trap. If you are hearing activity in the dead of night, then the pest is most likely a roof rat or flying squirrel. For this pest use a  live animal trap.   Activity during early morning or daytime is more then likely squirrels. Our trappers lure bait works very well on all rodents. If you wish to release the rodents unharmed you must transport them many miles from your home to prevent them from returning.

  • Rid-A-Critter is a repellent that will many times drive rodents, birds and bats from a confined area. Once the pest has vacated repairs must soon be made to prevent a reinvasion by using hardware cloth and ropel liquid.   Ropel will give anything it is sprayed on a very bitter taste, this keeps the squirrels from re-cutting the patched wood and reentering.

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