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Scorpions are rather large Arachnids which are more closely related to spiders than they are to insects. Some species are quite poisonous and allscorpion species can become a big nuisance, especially in homes that have just recently been built.


Scorpion Control


The first and most important step in control is to eliminate the scorpions habitat. This could be stone and wood piles or left over construction debris. After removing these materials spray a strip 6 feet wide around your entire house and also spray 3 feet high on the foundation wall, then spray all entry points such as windows, doors, plumbing , etc. We recommend Suspend SC for this. Dust around the fireplace, plumbing and weep holes in the foundation withDeltaDust. The DeltaDust will provide control in these locations for many months.


Spray under all the appliances, under sinks, and in the back of your closets with Suspend SC. Dust the electrical outlets and around the plumbing with Delta Dust. DeltaDust can also be used in the attic to dust around the plumbing and electrical fixtures.


Treatment with Suspend SC should be done monthly outside and inside in the rooms where scorpions continue to be seen. Once scorpions have not been seen for 30 days then inside treatments can be stopped, but outside treatments should continue every 30 days. This perimeter spraying will not only deter scorpions from re-entering but also keep ants, spiders, and big roaches from entering your home. To monitor the inside of your home place small glueboardswhere you have seen scorpions in the past. These glueboards will catch many kinds of different pests.

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