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Outside Fleas


Preventing fleas from ever populating is the best form of flea control outside just as it is inside.  The best, safest and cheapest way to prevent fleas outside is to use Flea Fix.  IG Regulator is an IGR (insect growth regulator).  By using IG Regulator outside 3 times a year the flea eggs and flea larvae are unable to mature into adult biting fleas.  A good time to use IG Regulator the first time is April Fool's Day.  Because IG Regulator is an insect hormone it has no effect on non-target animals such as mammals, reptiles or birds.  A 4 oz. bottle of IG Regulator is $24.50, makes 4 gallons and covers 6,000 sq. ft. It can be used inside the home also.


So you did not spray IG Regulator early enough and now you have adult fleas.  The following pointers will help you in getting rid of biting fleas in your yard.

  1. Use a hose end sprayer when using liquids.  You need a lot of volume to saturate the soil and a hand held pump up sprayer is not adequate.

  2. If your area has had a dry spell saturate the ground with water 24 hours before spraying.  This makes the flea pupae hatch into adults so the spray will kill them.
  3. Spray in the early morning or late evening for best results.
  4. During and after spraying keep pets and children off the sprayed area for about 2 hours. Permethrin SFR works very well for this.
  5. Respray in one week.  Add Flea Fix with the adult flea spray for long term control.

Follow these links to buy your flea control products:

IG Regulator

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