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Mosquitoes are blood sucking insects that develop in standing water. They undergo a complete metamorphoses including the egg, larvae, pupae and adult in about 10 days. The female feeds on blood, while the male feeds on flower nectar. Mosquitoes spread many diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis and Heartworms.




  • Eliminate mosquito larvae by emptying old tires, buckets, and water bowls.

  • Keep ornamental garden ponds stocked with goldfish and minnows. These fish will eat the larvae.

  • Trim the shrubbery and low hanging tree limbs from around your home. This denies the adult mosquito a resting place during the day.

  • Keep mosquitoes out of your home by screening your windows and doors.



  • Use Mosquito Dunks in any possible mosquito larvae site. These include flower pots, bird baths, horse troughs, garden ponds, etc. The mosquito dunk is a bacterium that is completely nontoxic to birds, mammals or reptiles.

  • Fogging is the best solution for controlling adult mosquitoes outside. We sell a B & G Electric Fogger and different fogging liquids.

  • Adult mosquitoes can also be controlled by using large amounts of a much diluted insecticide such as Permethrin through a hose end sprayer to spray the shrubs and low hanging tree limbs outside.

  • Flying mosquitoes inside can be killed by using a Pyrethrum Aerosol. Leave the house for about 15 minutes after spraying.

Mosquito Scat--A dry granule that is safe to apply wherever gnats and mosquitoes are a problem.  No poisons, safe around pets, children and plants.  One 5 pound container treats up to 4000 sq. ft. and lasts 2-3 weeks. Contains  Lemon Grass Oil, Mint Oil, Garlic Oil.

NEW!!!---Bonide Hot Fogger---This inexpensive fogger is ideal for fogging outside for mosquitoes and gnats.  Choose either the electric model or the propane model.  We cannot ship the propane, so if you choose the propane model you will have to buy the propane in your local area.  Both models come with a quart of permethrin fogging chemical

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