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June Beetle


Both of these beetles can reach huge populations in a specific area given favorable environmental conditions.  Both beetles have a larval or grub stage.  In this stage they can do significant damage to grass or shrubbery roots.  As adults they will feed on flowers or the leaves of shrubbery, often stripping individual plants.

Many different insecticides will control the larval stage but we recommend Talstar for this purpose.  Talstar is in the synthetic pyrethroid family of insecticides, and as such is a very long lasting insecticide but with minimal toxicity to non-target organisms such as birds.  Talstar liquid can also be sprayed on shrubs to control the adult beetles.


Alternative Insecticides to Diazinon Granules


 Millions of pounds of Diazinon Granules are used in the United States each year for the treatment of various grass insects including beetle grubs, fleas, ticks and ants. Diazinon Granules contain an organophosphate type of insecticide and as such are fairly toxic to non-target wildlife. Birds especially are very susceptible if they feed on freshly applied Diazinon or Dursban granules. In addition Diazinon has been found in ground water in various parts of the country.

We recommend two very effective alternative granular formulations to Diazinon Granules. Both of these products are in the synthetic pyrethroid family of chemicals and as such are very safe to non-target wildlife, including birds. Below are descriptions for both of these products.


  • DeltaGard G (a.i. Deltamethrin): Deltagard is a granular insecticide which utilizes a unique, water soluble carrier. Its irregularly shaped granules dissolve completely (leaving no particles that might be picked up by birds and other non-target species!), delivering the maximum dose of DeltaGard to the target insects. Packaged in convenient 10 lb. bags which, at the treatment rate of just 2 lb. per thousand square feet, will treat 5000 square feet. This is considerably less than traditional granules, and means you carry a lot less bulk while still getting the job done properly. Normal residual is up to 4 weeks, depending on environmental conditions and targeted pests.

  • Talstar (a.i. Bifinthrin) Talstar is a synthetic pyrethroid that is available in both granular and liquid concentrate forms. It is very safe towards non-target animals such as birds, reptiles and mammals. Talstar lasts much longer than organophosphate pesticides such as Dursban, Diazinon, Malathion and Acephate. We have had many reported cases of Talstar controlling molecrickets for up to two months, chinch bugs, ants and fire ants for three months! Only 1 or 2 applications are needed each year for mole crickets. No special site preparation is needed when treating for mole crickets with Talstar. Talstar is very effective in controlling ants, fleas, mole crickets, chinch bugs and other turf and ornamental pests.


Deltagard Granules-- Deltagard granules dissolve completely killing the insect pest and turning into a nontoxic fertilizer. Use as needed. Works great on ants and fleas. In the synthetic pyrethroid family of insecticides.




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Talstar Granules--Another very safe and effective synthetic pyrethroid with similar insecticidal properties as Deltagard. We recommend Talstar for use on chemically resistant mole crickets but it is also very effective and long lasting for ants, fleas, and other soil insects. Lasts about 3 months, much longer than other granular products. 25 pound bag covers 10,000 sq.ft. Also available in pints, a pint covers 30,000 sq.ft.


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