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Gypsy Moth



Gypsy moths are not large but the ability for their populations to erupt into massive numbers make them a serious threat to trees in certain parts of the country.  They also have to ability to hitch hike (like gypsies) to various parts of the country on cars and trucks and infest other parts of the country.

Control:  If gypsy moths are left untreated for more than one season, death or severe damage to trees is most likely to occur.  When gypsy moths are found, notify your county extension agent immediately.  Many cities will spray your infected trees for you.  Bacillus (BT) and Permethrin SFR are both very effective in killing moth larvae of all types.

Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) liquid--A liquid formulation of bacteria. Controls gypsy moths, caterpillars, loopers, cabbage worms, hornworms, leaf folders and leaf rollers. One pint treats up to 10,875 sq. ft. Won't harm beneficial insects or you.


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Permethrin SFR - This product is used extensively for the treatment of termites but it also has a very broad label for spraying lots of other insects, such as fleas, ants, shrubbery and turf insects. The most concentrated formulation of Permethrin on the market. Contains 36.8% Permethrin.





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