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Gnats, Knats, Nats, Small Flies


This article talks about gnats, noseeums, knats, fruit flys, phorid flies, fungus gnats, mosquitoes, midges, buffalo gnats and more.

Inside Gnats

If you can't see what is biting you, it probably is not a flying insect. It might be a mite or louse, or it may be just an irritant. For more information, see our article on Invisible Biters.

There are many small flies that may inhabit our houses.

  1. Fruit flies---They breed not only in fruit, but in wet mops, spoiled onions and potatoes, dish washer leaks and any other wet area with organic debris. Eliminate the source and then treat the area with a Pyrethrum Aerosol.
  2. Phorid flies--Usually a sign of a sewage leak, inside or outside, but may be any plumbing leak. Fix the plumbing and then spray with a pyrethrin aerosol.
  3. Fungus gnats, knats--Usually these come from house plants that are over watered. Reduce the watering, treat the soil with insecticide, and then spray the air with a Pyrethrum Aerosol.
  4. Knats, gnats, noseeums, midges, buffalo gnats, etc.--There are lots of pesky little flies that breed outside but find their way inside. Good screens on the windows, keeping the door shut, spraying the air inside with a pyrethrum aerosol will all help. Hanging Prozap Insect Guards on the porch, garage or work shop will also provide relief. But in the long run eliminating the breeding sites for these pesky gnats will be your best solution. Spraying withpermethrin sfr will kill these knats outside.

Outside Knats

Spraying with permethrin sfr or fogging with an electric fogger will provide short term relief. Eliminating the gnats breeding sites will provide long term relief. Standing water of any kind or poorly operating septic tank fields are common breeding sites.

If it is mosquitoes, see our mosquito article.