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Fruit Fly


Fruit flies are small, non-biting gnat like flies that can become quite a nuisance, especially in restaurants and grocery stores.  They can be distinguished from other small gnat like flies because of their red eyes.

CONTROL:  Eliminating the source is the surest way to control fruit flies.  Discarding rotten fruit, not storing wet dishrags, and changing mop water daily will eliminate most breeding sites.  Using fruit fly traps and fogging the area with a pyrethrum aerosol will kill the adults.

Roach Flusher c & c aerosol can be used as a flusher of german roaches around electrical appliances or be used as a general space spray for the knockdown of mosquitoes, gnats, flies,  fruit flies, drain flies, phorid flies, and other flying insects. 16.5 oz. can, contains .5% Pyrethrum. 

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