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Live Animal Traps, havahart, squirrel trap, raccoon trap, rat trap


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The mammal live animal traps listed below are the Safeguard brand. You will find these easy to set and very efficient in catching your target pest. For optimum results prebait for 3 days, placing the bait at opening of trap with the trap door wired open. Then set the trap with the bait behind the trip pan. This method gets even the smartest varmint.


New---This trap is the perfect size to catch chipmunks and field rats. Not big enough for squirrels or sewer rats, but half the cost of our small squirrel-chipmunk trap.

New Chipmunk trap  

New--Universal trap, 36 x 11 x12 , with a front entrance
and a bottom entrance. Ideal for catching ground dwelling
varmints like groundhogs and armadillos. Click here to see the image of a universal trap.


Tincat--This low profile repeating mouse catcher can be used with or without a glueboard if you wish to release the mice unharmed.


Chipmunk Live Trap--This Safeguard live animal trap is ideal for catching chipmunks, rats and flying squirrels. Very efficient and easy to set. 18 x 5 x 5 in. Use peanut butter or sunflower seeds for bait. Or use our irresistable trapper's lure loganberry-nut flavored bait. 


Squirrel Live Trap--Squirrels, muskrats, weasels. 24 x 7 x 8 inches. Squirrels like nuts or fresh fruit, muskrats like apple slices, weasels like raw liver. Or use our irresistable trapper's lure loganberry-nut flavored bait.

Medium trap picture  

Cat Live Trap--Catches cats, rabbits, skunks, nutria, muskrats, weasels. 30 x 11 x 12. Cats and skunks like cheap fish cat food, rabbits like lettuce, muskrats and nutria go for fresh apple slices. Or use our irresistable trapper's lure loganberry-nut flavored bait. Rear door option available.


Raccoon Livetrap--Raccoon, o'possum, armadillo, groundhog, muskrats, nutria, porcupine, woodchuck. 36 x 11 x 12 inches. Raccoons and skunks like cheap fish cat food, o'possums like rotten bananas, armadillos like earthworms, groundhogs like apple slices. Rear door option available.


Bobcat, fox, beaver, small dog, armadillo.

42 x 15 x 18

 These last 3 big traps all have a rear release  

Coyote, medium dog.,60 x 20 x 28 inches

both of these traps shiiped by freight line only, they are too big for UPS

Large dog--72 x 20 x 28



 Large trap picture