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Click Beetles



Ground beetles are for the most part merely a nuisance as occasional invaders inside our homes.  Ground beetles as well as click beetles, ladybeetles, earwigs, spiders big roaches and ants can all be kept outside where they belong by spraying the entry points of your home outside each month with a solution of cypermethrin insecticide.


an Insecticide

Cypermethrin is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide that is very effective against a wide range of insects including ants, fire ants, roaches, spiders and crickets.

Examples of products containing Cypermethrin are:


Demon WP: For years this has been our best selling insecticide. It is an odorless, very safe synthetic pyrethroid that can be used anywhere except food processing areas. Each pre-measured bag makes one gallon, no measuring required. Demon (Cypermethrin) is labeled to kill the following: ants, boxelder bugs, cockroaches(all species), crickets(field, camel), earwigs, elm leaf beetle, firebrats, flies, silverfish, bees, fire ants, spiders, wasps.

Demon 4 pk---makes 4 gallons

Demon WP 1#---makes up to 50 gallons

Demon EC Pint--makes up to 32 gallons


Viper--This cypermethrin concentrate is our most popular EC size. A four ounce bottle makes up to 8 gallons, equivalent to 8 soluble bags of Demon WP. Great on most household insects. This is the same strength Cypermethrin as the Demon liquid