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Carpet Beetles


varied carpet beetle and larvae, each about 1/8 inch long






The lowest kind of vermin
And the one I most abhor
Is the bug that ate my wife's mink
When it was only half paid for.
                  ----Arnold Mallis

Carpet beetles can be found feeding on any protein substance.  This is most often wool, horse hair couches, fur coats, old shoes, etc.  But they can also be pantry stored product pests.  They have been found to infest any type of cheese or milk product, such as macaroni and cheese.

Carpet beetle control is very much the same as controlling clothes moths.  Eliminate or treat the source, then spray with Suspend SC, and store your wool and fur garments with moth balls.



 Clothes moths are small(1/3 inch) and are rarely seen.  They prefer to hide in dark places, in the seams of the fabrics and clothes their larvae are consuming.
When startled they fly weakly and then settle quickly into a dark place once again.  If you see small moths flying freely about in a well lit place these are not clothes moths, they are grain moths.  See our article on grain moths for control of the grain moth and their larvae.

Clothes moth larvae are so small as to be nearly invisible.  The damage done by these larvae can be quite severe however.  Disintegration of a fabric around abutton hole or seam is usually the first sign of a clothes moth infestation.  The larvae will feed upon any animal product including wool, felt, chamois, suede, or silk.  They can destroy items such as wool rugs, wool suits, cashmere sweaters, couches and other furniture.




CONTROL---Empty the closet of all garments. Any item that can be dry cleaned should be and than when it is brought back inside the house it should be placed inside a tight container such as a cedar chest, garment bag or a tight closet and moth balls placed inside. Items that cannot be dry cleaned should be washed.
When the closet is empty vacuum thoroughly to remove accumulations of hair and dust. Spray around the perimeter of the closet, top and bottom, with a good safe residual insecticide such asSuspend SC. Suspend SC can also be sprayed onto carpets, fine rugs and furniture.  Suspend SC cannot be sprayed onto clothes.

It is also suggested that you place clothes moth pheromone sticky traps in each closet or storage area.  When the adult moths emerge they will fly directly to these sex lures before they have a chance to lay eggs on your clothes.

Inspect furniture, clothes and rugs once a month to find re-infestations.

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