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Boxelder Bug



Box elder bugs infest various types of trees and shrubs, most notably box elders and other types of maple trees.  In the fall of the year they can become quite as a nuisance as they try to over winter inside your home.  Control for box elder bugs is the same as for lady bugs.

Ladybugs (ladybeetles) invading the home can be quite a nuisance.  Yes, I know, we all want Lady Bugs around the yard because they eat the bad insects, such as aphids.  But when they emerge inside the home in late winter or early spring in the thousands then you will want to know how to keep this from happening again.



The best way to prevent the ladybug invasion is to spray a good residual insecticide, such as Demon WP, twice in the fall of the year, about a month apart.  You should spray all potential entry points; around windows, doors, plumbing, dryer vents, fireplaces and around the eaves.  This not only prevents the ladybugs from entering but also keeps ants, spiders and big roaches out.

If you forgot to spray in the fall and ladybugs are driving you crazy the best solution is to vacuum them up.  But Invader Aerosol can also be sprayed on the inside exit points for a good residual insecticide.

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