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Bird Lice


Invisible bites are a common complaint, especially for people who work in an office, or people undergoing some type of cancer treatment or on prescription drugs.



  1. IRRITANTS---These can include paper or ink particles from printers, particles from new carpets, insulation, or siding.  These combined with static electricity and dry skin can feel like some live invisible pest is biting.  Removal of these irritants along with skin moisturizers, humidifiers and fresh air will help correct these problems.

  2. MEDICAL PROBLEMS---Changes in blood chemistry by chemotherapy or a combination of various medicines may produce biting like sensations on the skin.  CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR.


  • Fleas---Even when a pet is not present there may be fleas in the area from rats, cats, raccoons, etc.  Find and treat the source.  This may be the attic or basement.  If the fleas are from wild animals than the animals must be removed.
  • Bird Mites, BIRD LICE---These creatures are so small as to be invisible to many people.
  • This is by far the most common invisible biter.  After the baby birds leave the nest the mites and lice migrate from the nest looking for food.  This may be you.
  • Remove and spray all vacant nests in the attic, eaves and within 20 feet of your house with Viper. Use a good total release fogger in your house, twice, 2 weeks apart, to remove the mites already inside your living area. Precor 2000 is a hand held fogger that also works well.
  • Lice---Check all body hair for lice and their nits.
  • Chiggers and Mosquitoes---They probably did not bite you inside but the bite is still itching.  Apply a topical cream.
  • Thrips---These are common on flowers, especially roses.  They are very small and can be irritating biters.


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