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Armadillos, Armadilloes, Armadillo 

Problems:  Most armadillo damage occurs when the animals root in lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens.  They may also damage driveways and house foundations by burrowing underneath.

Food sources:  Armadillos eat grubs, earthworms, mole crickets and other invertebrates that live in the soil.  Armadillos are only active at night or on cloudy days.  They make numerous shallow holes while rooting for their food, very similar to what a pig would do.


Short Term Control:  Good success has been had using repellents, Ropel Granules.

Sprinkle the Ropel Granules over the area needed to be protected. One 2 lb. container of Ropel Granules will cover about 200 square feet. Ropel has a foul odor and will repel most mammals. Neither Whole Control or Ropel Granules will hurt flowers or grass, each product will last about 2 months.

If the armadillos are there now shooting them is the best and quickest solution.  Not everybody can or wants to shoot an animal however. 

In that case the second best armadillo control is a live animal  trap. The raccoon size live animal trap is the correct  trap to use in trapping armadillos.  This trap can also be used to catch opossums, cats, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, etc.  If possible set the trap directly in front of the animal's burrow.  If set in the feeding area use a ball of earthworms placed inside a nylon sock and hung in the back of the cage.  The front entrance should be partially buried in dirt or covered with leaves (armadillos have sensitive feet and will not touch the steel cage).  Funneling the armadillo into the cage also helps.  Use 2 or more 1 x 12 boards on each side of the cage to funnel the animal into the live animal trap. We now offer a trap the size of a raccoon trap---The Universal Trap--- but with 2 entrances, one in the front and one in the bottom of the cage. This trap can be placed directly over the armadillo burrow.

Long Term Control: A fence that is sufficiently buried will also keep armadillos out of a yard. The bottom of the fence needs to be buried at least 6 inches into the ground, with the bottom wire being bent away from the yard.

Armadillos feed on insects in your yard. Removing this food source will make the armadillos move to your neighbor's yard. We recommend Talstar for killing the mole crickets and beetle grubs in your yard or flower beds. Apply Talstar 2 or 3 times a season through a hose end sprayer directly over your yard and flowers. When there are no insects in your yard moles will move also. Talstar has a multitude of uses, including inside pest control. Each pint of Talstar will cover 30,000 square feet.

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